Chessed Alaska

About Us


Chessed Alaska operates from the premise of a more in depth understanding of the Biblical Hebrew. We learn cultural differences and examine ancient text written by Biblical Scholars throughout time. Chessed Alaska’s classes, workshops, and book clubs expound upon a deeper level of education which give students a richer understanding of the Biblical Hebrew texts to apply to their lives. An example would be found in the phrase “Let us make man,” in Genesis 1:26. The Scriptures make it clear that G-d was preparing to make (to lift up) man.

The Hebrew teaches us that the text also makes an implicative statement, referring to how man should treat one another with kindness, compassion, and dignity by lifting up man and reflecting the thirteen attributes of G-d. The way we treat each other shapes the receiver’s perception of self-value. During times of increased turbulence, when there can be so much chaos and confusion in the world around us, Chessed Alaska stands to bring a touch of love and kindness into the soul.