Chessed Alaska

Board of Directors

Chaplain Ruthann Crosby


Chaplain Ruthann Crosby is a published author who holds both a BA and MA in Jewish Studies from Gratz College in Pennsylvania—one of the oldest and most distinguished Jewish colleges in the United States. For over twenty years, Chaplain Crosby has worked as a cultural liaison on behalf of the Jewish community, helping to open doors of understanding, as well as new perspectives on the Jewish Scriptures to the world at large.

Chaplain Crosbys’ extensive experience, with all backgrounds and ethnicities, gives her the ability to present the mysteries hidden within the original Divine Language of the Scriptures in a way that will change your life forever.

She currently lives in Wasilla, Alaska as a beloved mother to three children and ten grandchildren. Chaplain Crosby is a portrait painter who enjoys all forms of fine arts.

Formal Education & Training

      Jeff Hewitt


      Jeff was one of five kids raised in a rural Midwest family.  His Parents were devoted to G-d and raised their children accordingly.  Following after his father he enjoyed a career in carpentry for forty years.  Alaska has been home since 1980 and he has been blessed for thirty five of those years in marriage to his wife Vicki.  They have three kids and three grandchildren.

      Jeff believes G-d is central in life and there is nothing that brings more pleasure than learning deeper truths about the Creator.  Greater knowledge is what drew him to Chaplain Ruthann’s classes yet he believes the deeper truths always support a simple conclusion: to choose life and follow the desire G-d imparts to you.  Do this and you will accomplish what He created you for, bringing joy to your soul, and many more people along the way.


          Jill Chadbourne


          Jill moved to Alaska from the lower 48 with her husband over 40 years ago.  Her work experience has included employment as a cosmetologist, an operations clerk, and a city clerk, as well as being the full-time mother of two boys, and an active member of her church.  She is now retired and living in the Mat-Su Valley.

          Jill became a Christian while attending a Bible study in1970 and has been involved in Christian teaching, children and youth ministries, and church leadership throughout her working life.  When invited to join Chaplain Cleeves’ Jewish Studies classes in 2009, she was delighted to attend, as she had a profound regard for Israel and God’s chosen people, and desired a deeper understanding of the Hebrew text.  When asked to sit on the Board of Directors for Chessed Alaska, she accepted the opportunity with enthusiasm, and is now serving as Treasurer.



            Additional Directors at Large

            • Ruth Coleman