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Chessed is a Hebrew word which means 'loving-kindness.'


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Chaplain Ruthann Crosby Cleeves

Chaplain Ruthann Crosby is a published author who holds both a BA and MA in Jewish Studies from Gratz College in Pennsylvania—one of the oldest and most distinguished Jewish colleges in the United States. For over twenty years, Chaplain Crosby has worked as a cultural liaison on behalf of the Jewish community, helping to open doors of understanding, as well as new perspectives on the Jewish Scriptures to the world at large.

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Chessed News & Announcements


Student Calendar

To our local students, please take note.  Ruthann has a speaking engagement and some other business to attend to so there will be no classes for the month of June.  Thank you for your continual support of Chessed Alaska.  Classes…

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Tree of Life

In our Torah segment of Blessings From Bereishis Chaplain Ruthann brings out a little more depth on the tree of life.  Hope you enjoy this short clip.   permalink.

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The Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet and it represents Hashems majesty.  Galue is the Hebrew word for exile but when you add an Aleph it becomes Gallah; Hebrew for Redemption.  We can go from exile…

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Elul, A Time To Reflect

Elul is a month for reflection; for considering the purpose Hashem created you for and contemplating where you are on that journey.  It is an exciting time as we beseech the King asking Him to release Blessing in the coming year.

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Matters Of Importance

Here At Chessed Alaska we are dedicated to what matters in conjunction with current events and the needs of society.  We are involved with children in need here in Alaska as well as other places in this world.  We encourage you all to get involved in your local area and you can also help us with donations by clicking the link below.  Thank you for your interest in Chessed Alaska, B’ezrat Hashem